Meet our jury

An independent Jury of experts will discuss the shortlist and select one single award winner. Our Jury members come from the fields of social development, social entrepreneurship, academia or civil society. The composition of the Jury takes into consideration the geographical diversity of CEB membership as well as gender balance.

Claudia Luciani
Director, Human Dignity, Equality and Governance, Council of Europe and President of the Jury

In 1990 Claudia Luciani joined the Directorate of Political Affairs, first in the External Relations Department and then as political adviser on South East Europe and minorities. She held a number of positions in the Directorate of Political Affairs including in the field and served as Director of Political Advice and Co-operation for five years. She was appointed Director of ODGP in 2011 and then of Democratic Governance and Diversity. Since 2018 she is the Director of Human Dignity, Equality and Governance with a particular focus on the implementation of the Istanbul and Trafficking Conventions. Claudia’s work on governance focuses on the functioning of institutions, election assistance, civil society and she organises annually the World Forum for Democracy. 

Claudia studied philosophy at Trinity College (Washington, DC), graduated in Political Science (University of Padua) holds a specialisation in International Public Law and studied at ENA (Paris).

Ornella D'Amico
Ornella D'Amico
Deputy Secretary General, Finance in Common

Ornella d’Amico is the Deputy Secretary General of the Finance in Common initiative, the global and inclusive Public Development Banks’ community that seeks to contribute substantially to aligning financial flows with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.    

Having worked in several international and development-oriented organisations over the past twelve years, Ornella is a senior partnerships specialist who serves as a focal point for some of the major development partners (EU, IFIs, MDBs, UN, development agencies). Thanks to her operational experience in Africa and Latin America, she has developed particular expertise in social projects development and management.  

Trained in organizational sociology and intercultural communication, Ornella has been using her practical knowledge of development actors and organisations to help “revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development” (UN SDG 17). 

Guillaume Capelle
Founder of SINGA and CALM

Guillaume Capelle is the founder of SINGA and CALM. He contributes to building inclusive societies through educational and technological tools. His social network has enabled more than 40.000 people from 10 countries to open up locally to the world’s wealth.

He has also set up innovation incubators on migration in 8 European cities which have supported more than 300 inclusive companies. Finally, he has created a platform for welcoming refugees into the homes of local residents, which now accounts for over 5.000 beneficiaries.

He is considered as one of the « 26 most talented young French people” (GQ, Ouest France) and a “discreet heir of Abbé Pierre” (La Croix).

Christine Whitehead
Christine Whitehead
Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics

Professor Christine Whitehead is an internationally respected applied economist working mainly in the fields of housing economics, finance and policy. She has worked with a wide range of international agencies as well as regularly for the UK government and Parliament. Major themes in her recent research have included the relationship between planning and housing; regulation in the private rented sector; barriers to increasing housebuilding; financing social housing in the UK and Europe as well as the evaluation of particular housing, urban and social policies and initiatives in the UK and Europe.

She was awarded the OBE for services to housing in 1991.

Tomas Bocek
Tomáš Boček
Vice-Governor for Target Group Countries, CEB

Mr Boček, a Czech national, served as  Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on Migration and Refugees. His mandate included gathering information on the steps that Council of Europe member states were taking in order to protect the fundamental rights of migrants and refugees, and proposing appropriate action at national and European level. 

From 2010 until the end of January 2016 he was Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the Council of Europe, in which capacity he also represented the Czech Republic to the CEB Governing Board. During the period 2013-2015, he was Vice-President of the Governing Board of the CEB. He has previously served as Deputy Minister for International Relations and EU Affairs at the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and has held senior posts in the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.